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What to sip with turkey, beef, fish, and more
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Flickr/ QUOI Media

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection. Whether you’re a vegetarian or traditional turkey-ist, you’ll need a wine with enough fruit and acidity to pair with your protein, as well as the variety of sweet and savory fixings, from candied yams and cranberry sauce to green bean casserole. Here’s a brief guide:

Tofurky: Vegetarians who slice into this blend of soy and wheat need a wine to brighten and cleanse the palate. A California sparkling wine, like the non-vintage GLORIA FERRER "Va de Vi" non-vintage (California) $20, with its bright Meyer lemon and ripe peach flavors, is perfect, and will delight everyone at the table. Find it here.

Fish: The pilgrims probably didn’t poach salmon, but doesn’t mean you can’t. We suggest enjoying it with a rich chardonnay, like the vanilla-scented CUPCAKE VINEYARD Chardonnay 2010(Central Coast, Calif. ) $14, which has layers of butter, citrus, and cream. Find it here.

Turkey: Most wine experts agree that the fruitiness and low-to-moderate tannins in pinot noir make it the ideal pairing for roast turkey. A TO Z WINEWORKS Pinot Noir 2011 (Oregon) $20 has juicy red berry flavors, mineral overtones, and a delightfully long finish. Find it here.

Beef: Mom busting out the brisket this Thanksgiving? Nothing pairs more beautifully with a braised meat than rich, focused cabernet sauvignon, like AMPAKAMA Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 (San Juan, Argentina) $12, with its black fruit, robust tannins, and velvety mouth feel. Find it here.

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