What Your Drink Says About Your Relationship Status Slideshow

Whiskey, Neat
Long Island Iced Tea
Martini, Straight Up and Dirty
Red Wine, with Dinner
The Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc You Were Saving for Your Friend's Dinner Party
Mimosas and Bloody Marys
Tequila Shots for Everyone, on You
Any Beer That's on Tap, and Keep Them Coming
A Bottle of Something Fizzy, Like Lambrusco
Lots and Lots of Champagne
Way Too Many Glasses of the Questionable Punch
Hot Toddies by the Fire in a Cozy Pub
Anything Strong, Frozen, and Tasty That Comes in a Cool Glass
Pinot Grigio
Vodka, Straight Up, From That Bottle in Your Freezer
A Few Bottles of Two Buck Chuck
Piña Coladas
IPA on Tap at That Awesome New Bar
Whiskey, Neat