What’s America’s Best Pizza Chain? You Tell Us!

Cast your vote from 100 nominees before January 7!

Papa John's

Louisville-based Papa John's has more than 4,000 locations nationwide.

When the urge strikes to eat some pizza, what’s the first chain that comes to mind? Pizza Hut? Domino’s? Papa John’s? Or a smaller chain like Bertucci’s or Marco’s? We’ve rounded up more than 100 of America’s leading pizza chains, and are asking you to vote for your favorites for our second annual ranking of America's Best Pizza Chains. The polls are open from now until midnight on Wednesday, January 7, and when they close we’ll know which pizza chain is America’s favorite.

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Industry website Pizza Today ranks the top 100 American pizza chains based strictly on gross sales (Pizza Hut takes the win with a whopping $12.6 billion), so we considered that list to be a great jumping-off point. We included every chain on the list, no matter how small (Buddy’s Pizza has 9 locations) or large (Pizza Hut has more than 14,000), added on some smaller regional ones that weren't included in their ranking, and built those chains into a survey. So go ahead and take the survey, and tell us what your favorites are; you can vote for up to 50 chains.

When you’ve voting, try to think about exactly why you’re voting for these particular chains. Is it because they're easy and convenient? Is it because their offerings are more diverse and delicious than the competition? Is it because they’re regional and you’d rather give your money to them than the big guys? Let us know in the comments below. The poll will close at midnight on Wednesday, January 7, and we’ll announce the winners on January 13! Click here to take our survey, and don’t forget to tweet this link out to your friends so they can take it as well. 

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