Wendy's Drive-Thru Gets a Rap

Not only do the workers get the entire order in 1 rap, they gave it to these guys for free
Staff Writer
Wendy's Rap Crew


Nothing makes our Mondays better than somebody doing a drive-thru rap, especially when it's actually good, and especially when it's done by an unassuming scrawny kid saying "yo" and "man" just a bit too much.

This Wendy's drive-thru rap is pretty spot on, with rapper M.r. B. spitting rhymes like "Oh yeah I want a Frosty and make it vanilla/ and Joey if you spill that I swear I'm gonna kill ya/But that's a different story what do I want to try?/I want a quarter-pounder with a large fry."

The complete order? A double burger with cheese sans lettuce, fries, four small Sprites, a Frosty, a quarter-pounder burger with a large fry, and a 10-piece chicken nugget with barbecue sauce. He even raps in an apology for sounding a bit bossy (super classy), and ends up getting his order for free. Watch below for the full song, which apparently will be on M.r. B.'s CD "What the Funk?"

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