Watch Snoop's New Hot Pockets Music Video 'Pocket Like It's Hot'

Here's a jam for your Hot Pockets sessions at 2 a.m.
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Snoop and Hot Pockets


How did we not see this coming? Or rather, how did this not happen sooner? Snoop (Lion?  Dogg? Whatever he's calling himself these days... ) has dropped "Pocket Like It's Hot" for Hot Pockets, which he's a brand ambassador of (for obvious reasons).

Anyway, check out this Hot Pockets take on "Drop it Like It's Hot" with DeStorm Power, as Snoop pulls a Hot Pocket out of a fancy carrying case. Microwaves, pepperoni slices, and the Hot Pockets themselves get center stage. Sample lyrics: "Winners get the meaty meats/ Winners get da cheesy eats/ The tag-team meal that's too hot for TV." Another gem? "Get off my pockets, you gotta back up/ up that's whatssup, now sign the prenups / Me and Hot Pockets never gonna splitup/ You should think about it... take a second." Yes.

So when exactly should you "pocket like it's hot? "Hungry kids in the crib ma," and "When the craving's got a hold of you," and most definitely when "yo munchies get an attitude." Watch is below.

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