TSA Confiscates Knife in Mayo Jar and More News

In today's Media Mix, a woman offers sex for cheeseburgers, plus Magic Johnson may have profited from pink slime

The Daily Meal rounds up the biggest news from the food world.

Bugs Are Everywhere: After finding out that Starbucks uses ground-up bugs as dye in their strawberry drinks (but it's everywhere! Even in lipstick...), now everyone is pointing fingers and showing how ground-up bugs end up in chocolate and other delicious treats. Man. [Jezebel]

Starbucks Will Probably Get Rid of Bug Dye: Speaking of which, Starbucks will probably change their strawberry formula, since everyone was freaking out about the bugs. "No good deed goes undone," the CEO says. Perhaps he meant unpunished? [CBS]

Man Tries to Get on Flight with Knife: He hid it in full jar of mayo. Perhaps he just wanted to assemble a sandwich onboard? [NBC]

Woman Jailed for Offering Sex for Cheeseburgers: In another case of McDonald's and sex, a Florida woman was arrested after offering sex in exchange for two McDonald's double cheeseburgers. She also told the undercover cop that he could tip her $40. [Miami Herald]

Magic Johnson: Pink Slime Pusher? The basketball Hall of Famer is apparently a partner in AFA Foods, a beef processor that recently filed for bankruptcy because of the pink slime scandal. [LA Times]

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