#6 Rito Loco from Washington D.C.'s 6 Best Food Trucks for 2013 Slideshow

Washington D.C.'s 6 Best Food Trucks for 2013 Slideshow

Rito Loco
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#6 Rito Loco

Yes it’s a burritoria, but if you haven’t been, don’t hit up Rito Loco expecting old-school rice and bean wrapped fare. Washington, D.C.’s best food truck (as voted by the Washington City Paper) is more adventurous, with fillings that co-owners Daniel Diaz and Louie Hankins call Cuban, Spanish, and Soul Food flavors. What does that translate to on the menu? Well, the inspiration for the truck came out of the late-night celebrations of a summer barbecue in 2011 wherein at the end of the night, the party-goers found themselves around a massive bowl of Velveeta shells and cheese mixed with Daniel’s from-scratch rib sauce. "How good would this be tomorrow morning with our breakfast burritos?" Hankins asked. The next morning, Diaz's go-to "hangover cure" breakfast burritos got the cheesy shells and rib sauce makeover, and the idea for the Rito Loco truck was born. That "rito," called the AM Rito, is on the menu, so too the Rib Rito (twice-seasoned, pulled baby back ribs), and there’s even a Fruit Rito (fresh fruit with granola, cinnamon, and condensed milk). But the Mojito Rito is probably the signature dish the truck has become known for: citrus-infused pulled chicken topped with fresh mint.

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