Atlantis from Mythical Destinations That Probably Don't Exist (Or Do They?) (Slideshow)

Mythical Destinations That Probably Don't Exist (Or Do They?) (Slideshow)

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It’s fitting that we should start with the most famous of all mythical destinations, Atlantis, which was first mentioned in allegories from Plato’s Timaeus and Critias. Of course, like every other entry on this list, there’s some speculation that Atlantis may have actually existed. As the story goes, it was an Atlantic Ocean island that was lost when the waters around it rose, allegedly destroying thousands of years of learning and culture, not to mention the advanced infrastructure. It’s worth mentioning that even some who dismiss the nation as fictional are open to the idea that another sunken nation may have inspired the Atlantis story. Subsequently, countless undersea expeditions have been launched in an effort to locate the legendary land.

You may have to settle for simply visiting the Atlantis Resort in Dubai instead, where chef Gordon Ramsey opened a restaurant late last year.