A Couple’s Quarrel from 11 People Who Fell Off Cruise Ships and Lived to Tell the Tale (Slideshow)

11 People Who Fell Off Cruise Ships and Lived to Tell the Tale (Slideshow)

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A Couple’s Quarrel

On September 2, 2009, at 11:15 p.m., a couple started arguing on the balcony of their Carnival Sensation stateroom. The unidentified 34-year-old man threatened to jump, and the woman called his bluff by replying, “Go ahead.” Apparently not one to be called a liar by his wife, the unidentified male leapt into the water from the sixth-deck suite. Numerous witnesses heard the event transpire, and immediately called for help and tossed life preservers to the man. Ninety minutes later, he was plucked from the waters about 28 miles east of Port St. Lucie, Florida, by the crew of the Disney Wonder, which also happened to be in the area at the time. “Two things saved his life,” Johnny Gonzalez of the U.S. Coast Guard explained. “He knew how to swim and hold on to hope, and he was wearing a white T-shirt beneath a full moon,” which made it easier for rescuers to see him. Although the man apparently suffered from severe depression, he was “beaming — big smile all over his face” after the rescue, the ship’s captain said. “I think he obviously regrets what had happened,” he added.