Travel Blogs: Ginseng Chicken Soup and More

In today's Link Love, tacos in Mexico, plus new Rome market opening
Travel Blogs: Ginseng Chicken Soup and More

Nuovo Mercato Testaccio

An al pastor taco in Mexico City.

Nuovo Mercato Testaccio

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• A Korean specialty, ginseng adds an immunity booster to a chicken soup made with rice and chestnut stuffings. [Cuisine Paradise]

• Cinco de Mayo is over, but everyone still loves an al pastor taco in Mexico City. [Roads & Kingdoms]

• Rome's Mercato di Testaccio will close after nearly 100 years, but vendors will relocate to the new food market, Nuovo Mercato Testaccio. [Parla Food]

• A true reason to celebrate spring: kebabs in Istanbul. [Istanbul Food]

• A new underground supper club, Transparent Apron, in Kuala Lumpur, has taken the dining scene by storm. [A Lil Fat Monkey]

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