#19 Tim Carman, The Washington Post, 1.79 Stars from Top Chefs Rate America's Food Critics (2012)

Top Chefs Rate America's Food Critics (2012)

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#20 Brad A. Johnson, The Orange County Register, 1.74 Stars

If you listen to Brad A. Johnson (or believe what he wants you to from his site), he is the "best food critic in America and worldwide." Seriously, it says that when you Google him, so it must be true. "Renowned food and travel journalist Brad A. Johnson is the only critic in America to win both the James Beard Award and the Cordon Bleu World Food Media Award for restaurant criticism."

Chefs disagreed with this assessment: Johnson scored or nearly scored the poorest review of all critics in all categories. Culinary knowledge? Last. Prose style? Almost at the end. Perceived integrity? Last. Interesting or likable enough to want to share a meal with? Tied with The Washington Post’s Tim Carman for last. "He’s a better travel writer than a food writer," proposed one chef. "He needs to learn about food and substance, and then include them in his reviews."

Best things anyone could say about him? "Prose style — that’s his better strength," and "Picky, but he knows his constituency." Some endorsements!

CULINARY KNOWLEDGE: 1.86 stars (20th place)
PROSE STYLE: 2 stars (19th place)
INTEGRITY: 1.68 stars (20th place)
LIKE TO SHARE A MEAL?: 1.424 stars (19th place)