10 Best Restaurants to Watch a Sunset

Ten restaurants where you'll be bowled over by amazing views while you eat

Most of us normally consider two things when picking a restaurant. First, how good is the food? Second, how much does it cost? But sometimes setting is more important. Sometimes you want décor, ambience, or a sense of place to be what's memorable. And when it comes to the perfect setting during dinner, what's more awe-inspiring than a sunset?

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Many people would think that the best restaurants in which to enjoy sunsets would be in tall buildings or on beaches. But there are dozens of restaurants around the country that offer amazing sunset views that rival any seen from rooftops or on pristine beachs. Some places are well-known restaurants like The Plantation House in Maui, while others, like The Oasis On Lake Travis in Austin, are local favorites. Either way, all the places on this list of the top 10 best restaurants for watching the sunset give diners the chance to see picturesque views of the setting sun while enjoying dinner.

The criteria for picking these restaurants was based on whether they were good places for their views. It was hard to choose a handful of restaurants with the best views, but you don't want to be like the mother who has a clear favorite but pretends to love all her children equally, so some difficult decisions had to be made.

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