Taco Bell to Offer 'Breakfast Cocktail' Across US

The dreaded orange juice and Mountain Dew concoction is back
The 'AM Mountain Dew' has officially launched in locations across 10 states.

I.Imgur/ JacobAllenby

I.Imgur/ JacobAllenby

Taco Bell fans: beware. Remember that "breakfast cocktail" found back at a Taco Bell location a few months ago, a mixture of Mountain Dew and Tropicana orange juice? Turns out, that same drink will now be found in stores in 10 different states.  

Back in May, a Reddit user posted a picture of the "Mountain Dew A.M.," which was said to be testing at certain locations. Last week, Taco Bell announced that it was the newest addition to the breakfast menu (not including the "A.M. Crunchwrap Supreme"). The drink combo will be mixed in store, according to a release found by Business Insider. 

While no one's releasing the Mountain Dew-to-OJ ratio, the Dallas Observer did its own calculations and estimates that the combo could be upwards of 280 calories, and include 17 grams of sugar. Nothing like a sugar punch to kick off your morning, right? 

As of now, the breakfast menu is only in 10 states nationwide, mostly in the West. The horror is coming for you, folks. 

Update: Taco Bell corrected the actual grams of sugar in the Mountain Dew A.M.; the amount of sugar in a 16-ounce drink is 39 grams of sugar (8 teaspoons), and the 20-ounce has 46 grams of sugar (9 teaspoons). 

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