Stadium Food Power Rankings: Indianapolis vs. Tennessee

This week, Stadium Food Power Rankings covers the clash between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans, to find out which team's stadium has the best food

Stadium Food Power Rankings
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Week 1 of our Stadium Food Power Rankings takes a look at LP Field (pictured) and Lucas Oil Stadium.

Healthy/Allergy-Friendly Options

While eating a bag of the "walking taco" may feel like your heart is being sat on by a defensive tackle, you can always redeem yourself in the fourth quarter by picking up one of the stadium’s veggie burgers or hot dogs. Not exactly a side salad sans dressing but, hey, it’s Sunday. A gluten-free pizza from Papa John's also dances along that healthy-not-so-healthy line, but since gluten-free is suddenly the new seven-grain we’re giving them a point for being allergy-friendly (and trendy). 

Environmentally conscious efforts at Lucas Oil Stadium also swung the vote — especially their promotion of water stations versus bottled water throughout the facility. From both conservation and recycling standpoints, this program was a huge deciding factor for our editors. Not only does this initiative save water, but it can save fans a few bucks. And we know we're not the only ones getting sick of ducking our heads beneath the bathroom faucets.

Already on our good side with the whole water-hugging thing, we nearly flatlined when we heard that the stadium’s caterers favored locally sourced produce, poultry, beef, and pork for Homegrown Concessions' chili varieties. Just last year, in fact, the organic chili became the first ever organic entrée to be served at a Super Bowl. Making it almost as historic as the birth of the walking taco — almost. 

But what about the Titans?

All things considered, Tennessee Titans’ LP Field was no easy competitor. They had their fair share of edible victories as well. Where Lucas Oil won in variety and originality, Tennessee may have edged them out had the judging been based solely on locally sourced menu items.

Unique/Most Popular Items

One of our favorites had to be local restaurateurs Benjamin and Max Goldberg, who offer up Getch'er Po'Boys and Brew Pub sandwiches. You can get the po’boys with sweet tea-brined pork, "Buffalo" turkey, or roast beef (although you probably won't make it past "sweet tea-brined..." before the overjoyed sobbing commences). The Brew Pub sandwiches use local beef and pork from Bear Creek Farms in Leiper's Fork, Tenn., cheese from Kenny's Farmhouse in Kentucky, and produce from local growers. You can bet this trio of locally sourced ingredients had us doing wheelies in our swivel chairs. 

Another major salivator is everything pertaining to the stadium’s Jack Daniel's BBQ partnership. Nachos, pulled pork, and rib sandwiches give their menus a godlike quality, some might say.

For dessert, the stadium hosts treats from Christie Cookies. Another local vendor for LP Field and we’re huge fans of this pairing (it’s just… not Blue Bell).

Both teams, we should mention, also offer Health Snack Packs, officially preventing you from having a foolproof excuse for eating like a pig at the stadium. For adults, packs include snack rolls, cookies, popcorn, a chocolate chip Clif bar, and Hail Mary maple vanilla almonds. The kids have an Odwalla berry smoothie, Funky Monkey fruit snacks, Pop Chips, and Fig Newtons.

Tune into the game this Sunday at 1 p.m. EST, for the clash between rookie phenom Andrew Luck and powerhouse back Chris Johnson. Can the Indianapolis Colts’ food win lead them to mouthwatering victory on the field? You’ll need to tune in to see. And be sure to check in next week, when the Denver Broncos’ Sports Authority Field at Mile High takes on the Cincinnati Bengals’ Paul Brown Stadium. 

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