St Kilda Beach

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Foursquare Tips

  • Walk along the pier past the pavilion and visit the penguins. There are 1200 of them out there!
  • Saving some time by visiting the Citys small penguin population at St Kilda rather than venturing out to Phillip Island.
  • Take a peek at the little penguins living on the breakwater.
  • You can have great sunset when you're lucky
  • Penguins! Tiny penguins can be seen on the rocks at the end of the stone pier. You might have to wait until 9 to 10pm at night though
  • Watch out for jellyfish! Or is that a fake boob?
  • Come at sunset and you might see the penguins on the rocks at the pier!
  • Come on in.. The waters fantastic. So is the eye candy...Family Friendly peeps
  • The water is nice and warm during summer, so a midnight swim is always nice even if it's only 20 deg outside. And a lot of the beach is lit up near Luna Park. :)
  • Check out The Stokehouse while your there great restaurant lunch/dinner. Right on the foreshore!
  • Got stung by jellyfish last year. I hope that jellyfish has died and turned into a real edible jelly.
  • Free internet! 'nough said
  • How cool is that to be at the beach 30mn away from the city. Cool spot, sunny and nice area as well.
  • Not the best beach but it the vibe around this stretch of sand is always young and energetic.
  • Area to be for tourist?? Perhaps.... cafes, beach, people and festivals :-)
  • Gorgeous sunsets!!
  • Nice long beach, perfect for swiming having a coffee or lunch.
  • While having coffee in St Kilda,why not plan a trip down to the Great Ocean Road.
  • Best in the summer!!
  • Water looks like shit, go else where