Silver Lake Reservoir

Row 1

Foursquare Tips

  • Watch people making an effort to lose weight while they are walking, texting and drinking Starbucks!
  • Feel free to fart.
  • Super eye candy spot during summer..just wear shades...woo
  • At any given time the walking path is filled with joggers, strollers and dogs on leashes. With a crushed granite surface, the flat, 2-mile path has become an outdoor gym for residents.
  • Doggy friendly!
  • Hike the urban trail at the Silver Lake Reservoir or climb the steps for a solid workout -
  • Two times around is a solid 7k run. Early mornings or evenings great to avoid crowded path.
  • iPhone stolen out of my hand at 3pm on a Sunday (oct 2013) - WATCH OUT.
  • Lots of coyotes out tonight
  • Silver Lake Reservoir helps supply water to 4.1 million people. Help conserve our precious water by picking up a FREE showerhead and aerator. Info:
  • Approximately 2.2 miles around.
  • Watch out for coyotes!
  • Path traffic flow: clockwise on odd days, vice-versa on even-numbered days. Enjoy!
  • Great place to run as the sun sets. Be careful of dog poop! It's errwhere!
  • People who come here need to walk in single file! Let People pass, ASSHOLES. Also, don't forget your hoop earrings and lipstick when you come running
  • Running, walking, dog park, picnic at the meadows
  • If its a beautiful summer weekend day, grab some wine and snacks with friends, and enjoy the setting sun at Silver Lake Reservoir park. -Style Wax Poetic
  • Watch your step. Not everyone has been doing their duty as a good neighbor and picking up their dog's droppings. Ugh
  • There's a great staircase that starts one door down from LA Mill Coffee. Approximately 400 stairs.
  • The hills surrounding the resevoir, particularly on the SW end are amazing for interval trainers. Also beware that sprints on the path are difficult during peak hours. Avoid after work for interval