Shake Shack Westport

1849 Post Rd E
Westport CT 06880
(203) 682-6570
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Slowly, Danny Meyer's Shake Shack is changing the landscape of the burger world. It started in Madison Square Park in 2001, with a hot dog cart created by Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group to support the Madison Square Park Conservancy's first art installation. Fans of the cart lined up for three summers until USHG won the bid to open a permanent park kiosk. Then the real fun (and lines) started. The "roadside burger joint" started serving incredibly juicy burgers on potato rolls and rich, thick, creamy custards with mix-ins (concretes), and the best Chicago-style hot dog outside the Windy City. It took until 2007 for the Shack to stay open through winter, but it's since become a New York institution — and spread beyond its borders, immediately ranking among those locales best burgers. Menu additions, mash-ups, and location-specific items have followed at newly launched Shacks in New York, Connecticut, Florida, D.C., Philadelphia, the Middle East, and now London. Location specific items at the Wstport Shake Shack include the Hopscotch, Banana Post Rd, and The NUTmeg State concretes. — Arthur Bovino, 11/20/2012

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Foursquare Tips
Vincent Hayes
Great food - but 2 burgers, 2 dogs, 1 fries, and a med drink = $27?!? Once in a while place, they need to adjust the pricing.
Edward Kuryluk
Bring your "sugar daddy", this place is expensive. $17 for a Double Shack Burger, fries and an over-rated shake.
J Crowley
Not getting cheese on your fries should be punishable by death.
There's no fucking place to sit
Meg L
Food overpriced, And when I got home and emptied left over shake out I found a long hair in it. Yuck! Hair in food is totally avoidable. I will be eating elsewhere next time.
Alex Rainert
The newer Smoke Shack burger has just the right amount of smokey spicyness. Soooooo good.
Wil S
B-line to the C-line for your concrete/shake or other cold treats.
Ernie Mekhail
3 1\2 Guys out of Five. Good food, little over priced.
Matt LoGuercio
Great crispy fries. Fresh burgers. Veggie burger is fantastic and my 7 yr old son is going back for more!
Wil S
Great cheeseburger and shake chain. Order the Double and the Shackago dog. Don't forget a beer or shake with your meal.
jake furst
if you're driving up rte. 95 from nyc towards new england, you gotta stop here for a shackburger and a custard shake. same shack taste, half the lines of madison square park.
Jake Rutter
Cheese fries rock this world.
Vickie Roedel
Line wasn't bad at all around 5pm. Shack burger was sooo delicious. Shake was awesome. Mmmm I thoroughly enjoyed.
Luke Moseley
Food is nothing special, expensive prices to pay for the "cool factor"
Margaux Sarin
Fries and a float are the perfect afternoon snack
Chappy LeBlond
People in Westport are super rude in the parking lot then you see them in line with their tails between their legs. Make sure you have time to kill.
Clifford Mallory III
Amazing cheeseburgers and cheese fries!!! Also try the milk shakes!!!!
Steve Kingsley
Expensive for what you get. Too new not to have a huge line. A burger place with NO bacon? Bad idea. Honestly 5 Guys for the win.
fries are nothing special. burgers are simply devine. shack-ago dog is the best i've had this side of lake michigan. shackmeister ale is strangely delicious. lines are inevitable any time after 12pm.
Clark Y
Burgers are cooked medium. Worth the wait. :-)
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