Shake Shack Dupont Circle

1216 18th St NW
Washington D.C. 20036
(202) 683-9922

Slowly, Danny Meyer's Shake Shack is changing the landscape of the burger world. It started in Madison Square Park in 2001, with a hot dog cart created by Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group to support the Madison Square Park Conservancy's first art installation. Fans of the cart lined up for three summers until USHG won the bid to open a permanent park kiosk. Then the real fun (and lines) started. The "roadside burger joint" started serving incredibly juicy burgers on potato rolls and rich, thick, creamy custards with mix-ins (concretes), and the best Chicago-style hot dog outside the Windy City. It took until 2007 for the Shack to stay open through winter, but it's since become a New York institution — and spread beyond its borders, immediately ranking among those locales best burgers. Menu additions, mash-ups, and location-specific items have followed at newly launched Shacks in New York, Connecticut, Florida, D.C., Philadelphia, the Middle East, and now London. Location specific items at the Dupont Circle Shake Shack include Presidential Sweet, Washington Monu-Mint, and Majority Whip concretes. — Arthur Bovino, 11/20/2012

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دبل شك شاك برقر بدون طماط،، ولا تنسى تزيدها ملح،، وبالعافية ♥
Washington Post
You might have to wait in a long line, but this sufficiently juicy patty tucked into the lightly crisped bun is (fairly) fast food that pays a compliment to the genre. For dessert, pick the Monu-Mint.
Tammy Gordon
Score an ice cream or dog treat for your pup!
Burger Days
When I had my 1st taste, it was love at 1st greasy bite. There’s no other burger that makes me crave it as much as a ShackBurger does. The beef. The bun. The cheese. The grease. It’s just so damn good
Burger Days
There’s only one on the menu you should order: the Double Shack Burger: two Pat LaFrieda beef patties, American cheese, lettuce, tomato & ShackSauce. It's a greasy, gooey cheesy ball of beefy delight.
Washingtonian Magazine
Desserts here are built around frozen custard. It’s blended into killer shakes and “concretes,” a blend of custard and traditional ice-cream toppings such as hot fudge and cookie dough.
Guy Smiley
Shake it up baby.
Jennifer Huang
shack burger ftw. waaaaaaay better than 5 guys. Though I'm a SoCal girl, so still an in-n-out loyalist.
The Transit Navigator
The same delicious food that you'll find in NY, just without the long line. As always, get your Burger, Fries, and Custard!
Meat runs from a signature black angus (single or double) in their secret "ShackSauce" (which reportedly contains everything from paprika to kosher dill pickles).
M Squared Real Estate
Try their signature Shack Burger. Always a line, but best in late afternoon before dinner. If you're not eating, there's a register just for shakes & custard.
Ria Henares
No line at around 3pm or 4pm.... Try their Shake Stack Burger. It's so worth it.
Joe Zézito
A $5 shake? You want to know what a $5 shake tastes like? It tastes about $3 too expensive.
Jennifer Parker
Love the 'Shroom Burger!
Tony Ronzo
That was a damn tasty burger, and some damn tasty fries...I'll bet the shakes are good too!
Timothy Byrd
Good, definitely not NY-esque. I will stay in SE and go to 'Good Stuff'...
Cut the long line, there is a register just for shakes, custard, drinks.
: This place is doing it right. They have five burgers, and they're all nearing best-in-town status. Their shakes make you instantly unable to process another McDonalds oil slick.
Behrad B.
Must try the 'Fair Shake', not only is it delicious, the coffee beans mixed in help prevent you from a food coma!
Matthew Young
ShackBurger, add pickles, cheese fries and a vanilla shake, SO GOOD!
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