Sandwich of the Week: The Take 5 Reuben

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Sandwich of the Week: The Take 5 Reuben
Take 5 Reuben
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Take 5 Reuben

When I first moved into my neighborhood, and I would go out for a run, I would run by this slightly creepy and rundown looking grocery store on the corner of NW 70th and 8th Ave. NW called the Wicker Basket (odd name for a place with a Ranier beer and lotto sign in the window). I had only stopped by one time, and had no intention of going back, even after I noticed that it had been renamed to Take 5 Urban Market in 2009. Then one day I was in the mood for a sandwich, and when I couldn’t find an online menu for the K.I.S.S. Cafe, I started searching for other sandwich places. Take 5 Urban Market kept popping up with great reviews, and it was close, so I decided to give it a chance.

What’s interesting, is the first time I went was about 9 months ago, and meant to write this post at that time. But life got in the way, and I kept pushing it off, though I didn’t stop going to Take 5. In fact, it wasn’t a sandwich, but dinner that reminded me that I needed to get this post done because Take 5 is worth it. The nice thing is that I can actually provide a couple different perspectives on both lunch and dinner.

Let’s start with lunch. When I went, I looked through the sandwich list (remember, that’s what started this whole thing), and decided on the Take 5 Reuben. I’m a sucker for pastrami and corned beef, and had to see what it was like. I ordered it to go so I could enjoy it on the comfort of my own couch. It took about 5 – 10 minutes for the sandwich to come out which gave me time to look around the little market. It was much different than the old place; much cleaner, a little more upscale, better selection of products.

When I got home with my sandwich, I opened the box and gave myself a minute to take a picture before diving in. The sandwich was excellent. The bread was toasted on the outside, giving it a wonderful crunch as you bit in. And the corned beef was wonderfully tender and juicy, and had just the right amount of saltiness. It was sliced a little thick, though at the same time it was tender enough that I didn’t have to worry about pulling all of the meat out of the sandwich in one bite. But unlike a traditional reuben, this sandwich didn’t have sour kraut and Russian dressing. Rather it was cole slaw and a spicy mayo. It worked incredibly well, offering another textural dimension, and a bit of freshness to go with the acidity.

The sandwich was so good that I get it about every other month (I’ve also gotten the meatloaf sandwich twice). But I had never made the stop for dinner before. That changed when the Food Girl had some other plans for the evening, and I just wanted something simple for dinner. I didn’t know that they even had dinner until one day we were grabbing sandwiches and Jennifer grabbed a menu that listed the nightly dinner specials. The night I had free was a Saturday which meant that it was Saute Saturday.

Saute Saturday simply means that it is the chef’s choice on what they want to saute. It could be pork, or fish, but this particular Saturday it was chicken. To be more specific, it was chicken breast sauteed in a white wine cream sauce served with vegetables and rice. Again like always I got it to go, and waited while it was prepared fresh (I could hear the sound of sauteeing). When it was handed to me, I noticed some weight to it. Take 5 definitely does not skimp on portion size, providing two pieces of chicken. And they also don’t skimp on flavor. The cream sauce was rich, but not heavy, providing a nice white wine flavor. The chicken was nice and moist, cooked very nicely. Adding the vegetables and rice made a very hearty and very delicious meal. The only thing missing was some salt and a hint of pepper which was easy enough to add.

When it comes to simple, delicious, easy food, Take 5 Urban Market is the perfect place to go (and it’s a double bonus that it is less than 5 minutes from my house). Other than Paseo, Take 5 has my favorite sandwich. And I can almost guarantee that when the Food Girl is out of town for more than a couple nights, one night I will be eating dinner from Take 5. This absolutely epitomizes the perfect neighborhood market/restaurant.


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