Robot Mixologists: Next Drink Trend

Just like robot sushi chefs, printed burgers, and robot waiters



The days of missing your party because you're mixing up cocktails are now over; Eater tips us off to a new Kickstarter project Bartendro, a drink-making robot.

Of course, this isn't a robot with hands and arms that will literally shake your cocktail for you (you're going to need this machine), but it does do basic mixed drinks with precise measurements. Operated by a tablet/smartphone app, the robot measures and dispenses alochol, mixers, and more, reportedly handling more than 200 drinks a night.

Creators Rob Kaye and Pierre Michael have turned to Kickstarter to fund the commercialization of the robot bartender. Currently, the project has raised $54,592 on Kickstarter, out of the $135,000 goal. The app itself comes with helpful cocktail suggestions, such as the Brown Cow, Gummy Bear, Kamikaze, but shell out $249 or more and you could get a Shotbot or a Bartendro once production finishes. Sooner or later, you could have a completely robot-run restaurant in your own kitchen.


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