Seesaw Café

Row 1

433 Yuyuan Rd. (Wulumuqi Rd. North)
上海市, 200040
+86 137 6170 0535

Foursquare Tips

  • My favourite coffee shop in Shanghai. Friendly staff, great coffee, always give my dog some water too. Good for coffees, juice, small selection of cakes and cookies, but coffee is priority number one!
  • Don't get the blueberry tart. It's not that great. Stick with the coffee, which is great, and the croissants, which are very good.
  • Had breakfast deal which was coffee and a croissant for 32rmb. I got a cappuccino. Both were very good.
  • Wi-Fiseesawcoffee
  • They have the nicest espresso machine in Shanghai and baristas who know how to use it. Can get busy during the day so you may have to wait for a table. Beans roasted out behind the shop. Fresh.
  • Prdomenently Chinese hipster cafe that does great coffee.
  • Seesaw opens at 830am now everyday! Their outdoor seating is beautiful! Good coffee here! Price wise, expect around 30 a cup.
  • Good coffee!
  • Best latte I've had in my life. When in Shanghai I go EVERY day. Nice baristas who also speak English. Beautiful, calm seating area. Free WiFi.
  • Cafe Mocha was awesome. The cinnamon bread was heated to crisp state - wasn't soft when served with its top part charred :( sad cinnamon bread
  • great cafethanks
  • Worth a try. Owner is nice to share his knowledge. Coffee is great;)
  • Coffee is great to pair with their cookies!
  • Cold brew with Kenyan beans and the double chocolate cookies.
  • Very nice cafe space (airy and full of green plants) and top notch coffee
  • Thank god Shanghai has drip coffee. Wish it was stronger but it's so much better than anything else I'll take it!
  • Be careful of the floor in the morning. The cleaning staff dumps buckets of water to rinse the floor. So your clothes may get a little soggy before you can get your espresso.
  • Haven't been to them all, but go here and you'll too be pretty confident that it's the best around.
  • Best specialty coffee place I saw so far I'm Shanghai! Guys know what they're doing
  • Nice place with unexpectedly great coffee for fare price!