Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory 金門餅食公司

Row 1

56 Ross Aly (at Jackson St.)
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 781-3956
Bakery, Restaurant, Desserts
Mon–Sun: 9:00 AM–6:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Wait in line and have an old Chinese person yell at you for giving him money
  • You can watch the cookies get baked in griddles and folded around fortunes, some regular and some risqu. Bags of 40 cookies are only $3. - Green Guide Editor
  • You take picture, pay 50 cents!
  • The Japanese Hagiwara family invented "Chinese" fortune cookies at Golden Gate Park's Tea Garden. In Chinatown's Ross Alley you can watch them being churned out at the fortune cookie factory!
  • enjoy the samples while you wait for your bag of fortune cookies
  • Stop by to see how the cookies are made -- it only takes a second!
  • This place is too cool! Don't miss it! Pictures are now 50 cents, tho.
  • $.50 for a photo and be quick because an old Chinese man will yell at you. Also don't bother asking questions because nobody speaks English.
  • Hmmmm the old Chinese grandpa will seriously charge you 50 cents for pictures... but he gives you all the free cookies you want!
  • Print or hand-write your own fortune to bring to this small shop down Ross Alley and they will put it in a fortune cookie for you. Bring some change - pictures are 25 cents.
  • A tiny little place that works non stop for your own little fortune :) they speak no English but it's funny having a "conversation" with them. Oh photography costs 0.50$ :p
  • In 1915 the fortune cookie was featured at the World Fair in Treasure Island, SF. The treat was not introduced to China until 1990 and were amusingly advertised as Genuine American Fortune Cookies
  • Makoto Hagiwara went through a difficult time in his life & in 1914 after things improved, he created a cookie w/ a thank you note inside of it to pass out to all of the people who stood by his side
  • Fortune cookies were actually the invention of a Japanese immigrant named Makoto Hagiwara who designed the Japanese Tea Garden in our Golden Gate Park here in San Francisco.
  • This factory opened in 1962 and remains the only one where cookies are still made by hand.
  • Most amazing, always fresh fortune cookies. The owners always add extra samplers with the pack. Buying from the factory gets you the best price too.
  • Free fortune cookie samples, but pay 50 cents to take a photo inside ;) check out the adult fortune cookies for $5 for some extra fun.
  • Creepy & smelly alley to get there... but worth it! Very cool!
  • Ever wonder where all those fortune cookies come from? Heres your answer.
  • Try the flat fortune cookies - Must have, don't miss. Great experience and the taste...