Scalloped Corn Stuffing

Patricia Stagich


  • batch Classic Cornbread Stuffing Recipe*
  • 1 Cup  cooked corn kernels
  • 1 Cup  milk
  • 1 Cup  crushed butter crackers

Few can resist scalloped dishes, whether it be potatoes or corn, and so why not make scalloped stuffing? The creamy traits of a traditional scalloped corn recipe are the perfect addition to your mashed potatoes and gravy. 


Prepare the Classic Cornbread Stuffing recipe until ready to be baked and set aside. Stir in the cooked kernels and the milk and top with the butter crackers. Bake according to the stuffing's recipe instructions. 


* Click here to see the Classic Cornbread Stuffing Recipe.

Special thanks to Patricia Stagich of Comfy Cuisine for helping us test this recipe. 

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