Ray's Hell Burger

1713 Wilson Blvd
Arlington VA 22209
(703) 841-0001
Categories Food

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Ben Chapman
Freshly ground sirloin, seasoned & hand packed to juicy perfection on a homemade roll: Thank You Sir, may I have another? This DC suburb joint may not look pretty, but surely will taste that way.
FiOS 50
This offshoot of the Ray's the Steaks empire serves the best burgers in town with everything from your traditional toppings to bone marrow and more. What's your favorite topping?
Washingtonian Magazine
Of all the restaurants Pres. Obama has visited in Washington, the only one to have merited a 2nd visit is this bare-bones burger joint. The patty is 10 oz. of prime, aged beef and eats like a steak.
The single menu item's a delightfully fatty, grilled-to-order half-pound premium rib eye or top sirloin loaded with Spanish onions, American, and provolone.
Isaac Pacheco
Ray's makes some giant, juicy burgers, that will require lots of napkins, or one really big bib. Check out my homemade review.
Stan Olshefski
They only accept cash, but they have a fee-free ATM in the back.
Burger Days
The legendary Arlington burger joint is worth the wait in line. Can't go wrong with anything on the menu. The Au Poivre burgers are just amazing. Bring the cash money 'cause credit cards are a no-no.
Try the Soul Burger Number One (The Hardest Working Burger In Chow Business)
Check out photos from President Obama's visit to Ray's.
Amy Bresslour
Cash only!
The President went to Ray's Hell-Burger, and owner Michael Landrum had to scrap plans for a seafood restaurant and move the burger business into that space to accommodate the overflow.
LetTeddyWin .com
Skip the fancy cheeses. Just get your burger au poivre. Best burger you'll EVER have. Don't worry if there's not a table. I promise one will come free before your food is ready!
Jason Chan
Get the burger au poivre for a nice spicy flavor w/o the heat. Be sure to hydrate during/afterwards tho - lots of sodium!
Theresa Morrow
get the mack and the mac and cheese, delicious!
Mike King
Fantastic burgers, even Obama thinks so
Will Harding
Go to Ray's Hell Burger and order the New Jack Zing. Ask for the Piranha Sauce, it can ratchet up any burger you like.
Go to Ray's Hell Burger and order a burger cooked au poivre (seared with a black peppercorn crust).
Kate Broderick
the big poppa will rock your world!
Amanda Sullivan
go to Rays Hell Burger if you aren't a vegetarian. the best burgers in Arlington
Justin Reidy
Wait at line outside Ray's Hell Burger. Choose any burger from the fairly long list. Whatever you choose, enjoy the greatest burger you'll ever eat.
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