Rao’s Headed to Hollywood

The iconic restaurant pushes further west
Staff Writer

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

New York City’s famous Rao’s restaurant is channeling its fabled star power to break ground in Tinseltown. What began as a modest red-sauce joint in East Harlem has morphed into one of the most infamous, almost comically inaccessible restaurants in the country — though despite the signature lipstick-red doors, their Las Vegas location is decidedly more approachable.

Eater reports that the 116-year-old stalwart will take over a space on Seward Street that previously housed The Hollywood Canteen. The location places it a block off Santa Monica Boulevard’s tourist-traveled sidewalks.

The site of a 2004 mafia spat that ended in homicide, Rao’s has built a brand based on notoriety. In addition to its West Coast expansions, the company maintains a profitable venture in Italian prepared foods, from their signature pasta sauce to cured condiments and olive oil.

One thing is certain: with Rao’s Hollywood opening, a little bit of nostalgic Rat Pack style makes its return to Los Angeles.

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