Hooked on Cheese: Hoja Santa

Mozzarella Company, in Dallas, Texas, won the 2011 American Cheese Society Compe
Lately, I have become extremely partial to leaf-wrapped small format cheeses. I love the earthiness that leaf-wrapping generally imparts, and find that these cheeses seamlessly complement the warm,... read more

OREO Has Done it Again With New Root Beer Float Flavor

Nabisco is pretty much turning into Willy Wonka: consistently churning out new (and sometimes wacky) sweet treats. The latest limited-edition Oreo flavor to hit store shelves is root beer float: half... read more

King Kefir: The Health Benefits of Organic Probiotics

Green Valley Organics Kefir
If you've ever lived in Mexico, the Southwest, or California, you’ve likely come across the brightly colored drinkable yogurts that are sold in every bodega from Point Reyes to Juá... read more

Novelty Toaster Lets You Take Your Selfie and Eat it, Too!

Instagram selfies are so yesterday. Now you can burn your photos into your morning breakfast using a new “selfie toaster,” created by the Vermont Novelty Toast Corp., which also sells... read more

Beyond Ketchup: 10 Condiments You Need to Know About

Once upon a time, there existed only ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, barbecue sauce, and salad dressings in the American canon of condiments. Now, thankfully, there’s literally a whole world of... read more

Taco Bell Adds Grilled Breakfast Burritos to Morning Menu

Taco Bell Adds Grilled Breakfast Burritos to Morning Menu
Taco Bell has announced a new addition to its breakfast lineup: the Grilled Breakfast Burrito. Joining Taco Bell’s morning menu, the new breakfast burritos will be available in Sausage, Bacon,... read more

Sadly, Fried Chicken Oreos Are Not a Real Thing

We have Watermelon Oreos, Limeade Oreos, and Birthday Cake Oreos, so why not fried chicken-flavored Oreos? The Internet seemed to think it was possible. We got excited too when we saw the realistic-... read more

New Lay’s ‘Do Us a Flavor’: Cappuccino, Mango Salsa, More

It’s that (crunchy) time of year again! Lay’s is enlisting your help to choose their newest chip flavor in their annual “Do Us a Flavor” contest. After months of analysis from... read more