Pizza Hut Rolls Out Bacon and Cheese Pizza Crust

Pizza Hut found a way to add more bacon to pizza

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is stuffing its crusts with bacon and cheese, but only for a limited time.

Pizza Hut

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While everyone is enjoying the long weekend for Labor Day, August 30 is also International Bacon Day, and Pizza Hut is celebrating by rolling out a new bacon and cheese stuffed-crust pizza.

International Bacon Day is as good a reason as any to order a pizza with an additional dash of crispy bacon, though it’s not like most people actually need a reason to eat some extra bacon suspended in a blend of melted cheeses. According to Pizza Hut, the new Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza product is “exactly what it sounds like – delicious bacon and mouth-watering cheese stuffed into the crust of a large Pizza Hut pie.”

Pizza Hut likes its stuffed crust combos, and bacon and cheese sounds like a slam dunk. The new bacon and cheese stuffed crust option is available as a large, single-topping pizza for $11.99. Unfortunately, this pairing is only a limited-time offering at participating Pizza Hut locations.

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