Piața Romană

Row 1

Bd. General Gh. Magheru (Bd. Dacia)
București, B 010371

Foursquare Tips

  • Best place to live, hangout, eat, meet friends, stalk men, women, children (whatever you are into)
  • Aglomeratie in fiecare zi :|
  • in piata romana nu vezi pe cineva care sa nu aiba tigara in gura :))
  • You can find the Astronomical Observatory here
  • nice place to visit. sits in the vecinity of 2 cinema's and has fast food joints. a bit overcrouded by day.
  • Best place to live in the city. So much to do.
  • low prices & comfy at Nescafe Milano
  • Unul dintre cele mai mizerabile locuri posibile. Numai oameni prosti, cocalari si pitipoance. Nu gsesc cuvinte mai frumoase pentru a descrie acest loc 'exceptional'
  • In curand ( cca 2-3 ani ) vom avea placerea sa traversam prin pasaj ;) @sorinoprescu
  • 131 , mereu vine greu !
  • Central location
  • Oportunitati nelimitate:))
  • Este aglomerat, mai tot timpul dar in rest este o zona foarte calumea ;)
  • Awesome place!
  • Pizza Hut.Carturesti.Cinema Studio.Cinema Patria.;)
  • Aglomerat ru dac eti n trafic
  • Crowded but still a lovely place to walk
  • Kebab, french food, coffee, banks, bagels
  • Very nice view!
  • There is so much that you can do in this area but the people on the streets are terrible.