Pecan Lodge

2702 Main St
Dallas TX 75226
(214) 748-8900
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Justin Kling
The brisket is world class. That's just generally accepted. However, the beef rib was a real surprise. You order em one at a time, they weigh over a pound a piece and they're as good as the brisket.
Jennifer Kling
When you taste the beef ribs, angels will cry, children will laugh, world peace will be achieved, and you will reach a state of total nirvana.
Bev G Urban Epicurious
Get "The Pitmaster" a massive sandwich piled high w/beef, pork & sausage, BBQ sauce & slaw topped w/fresh jalapeños on a bun made in house.
Harrison Markey
The best brisket I've ever had. And the ribs weren't too shabby themselves. In the pantheon of smoked meat.
Dallas Observer
The chicken is brined overnight, single-coated in a flour mixture, and fried at a high temperature to keep it moist and crispy. The only seasoning: a pinch of onion powder and black pepper.
Ogden Mendez
Plain mac&cheese, no dressing on the cole slaw, totally not worth the 2 hours wait on the line...
Dallas Observer
Order yours with mac and cheese garnished with a sprinkle of crunchy, smoky bacon.
Rex Covington
OMG 1 LBS Beef Rib!
Hot Mess, Mac n' Cheese
Dallas Observer
Greatest brisket can be found at the Pecan Lodge!
Sarah Sherrell
Their fried chicken is crunchy on the outside and perfectly juicy on the inside. Mac-n-cheese packs good flavor without being heavy.
Mucho Comida™
I'll leave the first tip. Didn't get to try it...they sold out. But enjoy anyway.
Peter L
Get here early! Expect a long line. They're only open Th-Sun 11-3pm.
Josh McCoy
Best brisket and sausage combo in Dallas. Get the jalapeño and bacon mac 'n cheese!
Huntur Younge
The "Hot Mess" is amazing! Sweet potato stuffed with barbacoa, cheese, butter, green onions and chipotle sour cream. Easily feeds 2 people.
Huntur Younge
The HOT MESS is amazing!
Lannhi Tran
really awesome fried chicken!
Matt Pittman
Try the best brisket in the 214.
Maloree Barrett
The Texas Tumbleweed Cookie is delish. Get one when you order and have it as an appetizer.
Inside the Dallas Farmer's Market is the unassuming Pecan Lodge. We insist you get the brisket. [Eater 38 Member]
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