Paula Deen and Brother Bubba Hiers Hit with Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

It's not a good year for the Deen family

In some non-diabetes-related Deen drama, the queen of Southern cooking and her brother, Bubba Hiers, are being sued by a former general manager at Hiers' Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House.

Lisa Jackson, who worked at Uncle Bubba's from 2005 to 2010, claims she quit because of "intolerable work conditions" because Hiers brought "inescapable pornography" to work and logged onto XXX web sites on the kitchen computer without logging off.

Hiers reportedly asked Jackson to bring pictures of herself to work, proclaimed "fat girls" shouldn't wear capri pants or skirts, and made sexual jokes about dentures and women with flat heads.

To top it all off, Jackson claims Hiers often used the "N" word, made racist jokes, and kissed Jackson on the face and spit on her.

Deen's not implicated in any of these charges, but as co-owner, she can't be too happy (especially when she fired the last allegedly philandering GM, saying she's not going " lose everything because of a piece of p*ssy.")

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maggiemae's picture

While I do not know all that has transpired with this woman, I am cynical. Too many people claim sexual harrassment w/o any real proof offered. Are there witnesses to this behavior? We don't know. Could this be another disgruntled person with personal problems looking for attention? I would withhold judgement until there is proof offered. Does Bubba have a proven history of such acts? I suspect this woman is unemployed and looking for a free ride using a celebrity's name as her path to financial security. Call me cynical, unnatural, whatever. This happens all too often and when all is said and done, damage to one's reputation is all over the place and the perpretrator gets off scot free. Witness what happened to Herman Cain - as soon as he dropped out of the presidential race, all that c.....a that was bandied about stopped. Sexual harrassment is a tool employed by far too many people as a way to get ahead, and is very dificult to prove without direct correlating witnesses. Big business as a rule, just pays off the complainant and has a nondisclosure form signed. I hope that Paula and her brother fight this with all they have, and that Bubba is proven innocent. If he is guilty, throw the book at him. I know Paula would (in spite of her deep reverevnce for family) tell him to take a hike if he is proven guilty. It's a shame that she, as his partner, should experience fallout if he has done this. If it is true, it is some of hte most shameful behavior practiced.

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