Outrageous Restaurant Marketing Stunts Throughout History Slideshow

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Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs

Everyone knows Nathan's is a New York original, but what you might not know is the company’s success is greatly due to a publicity stunt dating to 1916. Nathan, a Polish immigrant, was trying to undercut the prices of Feltman’s Restaurant, a large beer garden he shared a spot with on Coney Island. He cut prices to a nickel per dog, but results were unexpected, with rumors starting that questioned the quality of the meat to explain the low price.


To combat these rumors, Nathan hired actors to stand outside his place wearing lab coats and stethoscopes while eating the hot dogs. He later unveiled signs reading, “If doctors eat our hot dogs, you know they’re good!” It must’ve worked, because Nathans continues to thrive today, and you're probably saying, "Feltman who?"

Flickr/Tony the Misfit