Now There's a 'Soda Simulator' to (Virtually) Drink Zero Calories

'Soda Drinker Pro' satisfies the soda craving, minus the actual drink
Yes, a soda-drinking simulator exists.

Youtube/ RockLeeSmile

Youtube/ RockLeeSmile

We imagine this is something like the smokeless cigarettes for those looking to quit nicotine. The Soda Drinker Pro, a simulator that (you guessed it) simulates drinking a soda, is quenching gamers' thirst for, well, soda.

This is a "first person soda" drinking experience, reports Complex and other outlets. And yep, all you really do is virtually walk around and drink a soda. While it's being just a tiny bit mocked by the gaming world, Mashable got the scoop behind the free download. Will Brierly, a Massachusetts-based Web developer, coded the game in about 19 hours and put it online after a serious soda craving about six or seven years ago. The game picked up speed this year when it was featured in a soda festival, and was rebuilt on its new platform. 

So, we guess if your New Year's resolution was to put down the Big Gulp once and for all, the Soda Drinker Pro might satisfy some serious cravings. 

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