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Coca-Cola Launching Hot Ginger Ale Can

Coca-Cola's New Hot Ginger Ale | New Products
We can always rely on the Japanese soda market to introduce surprising soda flavors, but hot soda? PSFK reports that Coca-Cola is launching a heated ginger ale in Japan, using a can that will heat up... read more

Navigating the World of Water

"Water is more than just water," says Martin Reise, water sommelier at the Stark Bar at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It might be a difficult food and beverage belief to wrap one... read more

Turns Out, Mountain Dew Kickstart Is a Winner

Remember that Hi-C punch-tasting "morning energy drink" from Mountain Dew, called Kickstart? Apparently, you're the last person in the world who's not buying it — because... read more

Now You Can Get Your Soups in K-Cup Form

Soup K-Cups | Campbell's | Green Mountain Coffee
In a new effort to please millennials who, god, don't even have time to boil a cup of water, Campbell's soups has come out and created soup for Keurig brewers. According to a press release,... read more