Trader Joe's To Carry Exclusive ZICO Coconut Water Flavor

New ZICO Tropical hits Trader Joe's shelves
One of the main reasons we all love Trader Joe’s is because of their creative private-label goods that fill the majority of the store. However, about a year ago ZICO Coconut Water hit the... read more

Ice Cube Stunts via Rube Goldberg-Esque Setups

Extreme Ice Cube Stunts | Video
Putting ice into a glass is pretty mundane stuff (unless you're an ice-carver, obviously) but Coca-Cola's new campaign makes it the stuff of viral videos. Shane and Collin (last names unknown... read more

Watermelon Sparkler

Watermelon Sparkler

How to Make Cereal Milk

How to Make Cereal Milk
Come Saturday mornings, we tend to find ourselves either at a boozy brunch or nursing hangovers with bagels delivered to our door (we know, we’re covering our faces in shame), but some 20 years... read more

Mayors Urge Ban on Soda Purchases with SNAP Benefits

Yet another action has come about relating to the soda ban. Mayors of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and 15 other cities are reviving an act that would forbid food stamps to be used to by soda and... read more

America's 17 Best Milkshakes

Milkshakes are true American classics — chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry have the power to transport us back to diner days or hot summer afternoons. But creative, more decadent variations... read more

California Slow to Fund Clean Water

Lack of Safe Drinking Water in CA
According to the Los Angeles Times, the clean and safe water coming out of our showers and sinks is not available for the unlucky citizens of Lanare, California. A little outside of Fresno,... read more

Rocket Fizz Launches Ranch-Flavored Soda

America's fascination with drowning bland vegetables and sprucing up pizza with ranch dressing persuaded one company to push the flavor further than a dip. Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shops... read more