PepsiCo Agrees to $9 Million Settlement on Naked Juice Claims

Another juice to bite the "all-natural" dust: the makers of Naked Juice have agreed to a lofty settlement to change its labels.  PepsiCo’s juice line recently agreed to pay a $9... read more

Leave It To Silicon Valley To Find Out A Way To Turn Toilet Water To Tap Water

Toilet water purified to tap water
Silicon Valley is known as being one of the smartest cities in America, which means its engineers  must’ve but a lot of thought into the new Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification... read more

Soda Decline May Signal Healthy Change

While soft drink companies may be hurting due to recent declines in profits, Americans may be reaping the benefits. PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Dr. Pepper have all reported dismal sales in their second... read more

The Store-Bought Green Juice Taste Test

Green juice — we have been hearing about it, buying it, or avoiding it altogether for quite some time now, Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it, The New York Times has reported on the green stuff... read more

PepsiCo Shows Little Interest in Dropping Beverage Unit

Despite investors urging that the company drop its drink division following falling profits, PepsiCo execs show no sign of giving up their signature soft drink any time soon. Last week, reports... read more

7-Up Agrees To Remove Vitamin E from Drinks

7-Up removes antioxidants
If you’ve been fighting free radicals by getting your daily dose of antioxidants from 7-Up, we’ve got bad news for you — the soda won’t be adding vitamin E anymore. Dr. Pepper... read more

Jamba Juice Rewards Loyal Customers

Jamba Juice starts reward program
The next time you grab a smoothie from Jamba Juice, you might be able to start a reward program, similar to the ones of Panera and Starbucks. After a test in 30 stores, the juice company will begin... read more

Tropicana Faces Class Action Over 'Natural' Claims

Several companies have been earning flack lately for mislabeling their products as “healthy” or “GMO-free” and even orange juice is earning its fair share of criticism. Juice-... read more