Nishiki Market (錦市場 (京都錦小路商店街))

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中京区富小路通四条上る西大文字町609 (錦小路新京極通 / 高倉通)
京都市, 604-8054
+81 75-211-3882

Foursquare Tips

  • Try the baby octopus stuffed with quail egg
  • If you like organic and local delicacies, dont miss the Kyo yasai shop with amazing matsutake mushroom now in October and organic miso, local Kyoto vegetables and fruits and tsukemono.
  • Nishiki market has been selling food and produce for 4 centuries.
  • Come with empty tummies & try all the lovely snacks here - daifuku, oden, octopus, sashimi, sushi etc.
  • The best way to get to know a city is through its markets! Nishiki Market is a combination of new and old. Traditional ware and modern boutiques. Skip the departmental stores and come here.
  • Sample some chestnuts, dried candied fruit, teeny tiny fish and oysters as you walk through the market.
  • Try the tofu ice cream, tofu donuts and the tamagoyaki (egg omelette).
  • A food-lover's dream. Nishiki Food Market is a looooong hallway filled with small food stands and restaurants. You can eat anything from pickled veg, eel, sushi, takoyaki, matcha ice cream - so good!
  • Skip lunch & snack while you browse the market.
  • All the things!
  • Must visit in Kyoto, you can get anything here. A lot of fermented food. Recommended.
  • Nishiki food market is known as the "Kitchen of Kyoto." Local vegetables, yuba (tofu skin), meat, dried foods and side dishes on the 400 meter path from Teramachi to Takakura.
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  • Takoyaki = 180
  • Runs parallel to Shijo Dori - Shijo Karasuma & Shijo Kawaramachi Stations, Hankyu Line.
  • Quail egg in squid head
  • Great food and boutiques that make great gifts. Yuzumitsu honey shop is delish.