Who are the Best and Worst Tippers in America?

Quartz recently published a graph that shows which states have the best and worst tippers at restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. Where does your state stand?

Where's the best place to make a living as a food server?

Have you ever wondered how your state stands when it comes to tipping your food servers?

It turns out that Nevada needs to step it up when it comes to tipping. The average Nevada native tips around 14.6 percent of their bill, even though the national average is 16.5 percent, according to Square data acquired by Quartz. Louisiana natives aren’t far behind, only tipping around 14.8 percent of their bill.

But if you look at the numbers by percentage of regular tippers, New Jersey is the worst. Only 42 percent of New Jerseyians tip regularly. On the opposite end of the scale, almost 80 percent of Maine residents tip regularly.

If you’re a waiter looking to make cash, apparently West Virginia is the place to do it! Waiters are tipped, on average 20.1 percent of the bill there.

Overall, tippers are most generous at coffee shops or cafés where the average American patron tips 18 percent. Oddly enough, both food truck and coffee shop workers get better tips than restaurant waiters. In Iowa, 42 percent of food truck patrons tip 25 percent of the bill.

Check out the original chart here 

Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi

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I find that the general public is being duped into eating themselves into bad health, and worse yet is that it seems perfectly legal to do so with the blessing of the regulatory institutions responsible for overall protection. So just how did we get to this place: sounds like sanctioned murder on an installment plan?


And that's why you don't tip??

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