What's Your State's Favorite Beer?

According to a survey, Blue Moon and Budweiser are the most popular brands in America
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What is the most popular beer in your state?

Despite the huge craft beer movement, it seems like the most popular beers are still, obviously, the big ones.

Slate reports that a survey from Blowfish, a "hangover cure" product, found that of 5,249 drinkers across the nation, the new king of beers is actually Blue Moon. Sorry Bud Light.

According to their infographic, California is a huge Corona state, while Blue Moon rules the other western states. Bud Light is still favored in Texas, Montana, and more middle-America states, while Sam Adams is the brew of choice in Illinois and the Northeast.

Their polls, in the meantime, found that Maine, Wyoming, and Alaska had the most to drink, while folks in Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, and Utah tend to complain the most about their hangovers. Weak.

Meanwhile, women tended to drink maragitas (and take lemon drop shots) while men favored rum and Cokes (and took Jagerbomb shots). And of course, 51 percent of those surveyed fessed up to being hungover at work.

Check out the full infographics below.

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