Nonprofit Hosts Ball Pit Bar Pop-Up for the Inner Child in All of Us

Event was paid for by ticket sales after several failed crowdfunding attempts
ball pit bar

Forward Motion

A second ball pit party is scheduled for April 28-29.

Forward Motion, a non-profit organization aimed at “knocking off one bucket list item at a time,” executed a successful ball pit bar pop-up in San Francisco earlier this month.

Founder Ryan Lum tells Mashable, “It took a little over a year to actually make it happen as the biggest obstacle was trying to raise enough money to purchase 40,000 ball pit balls. After several failed crowdfunding attempts, I decided to just start selling tickets to [the] event that didn’t even exist. It took a long time trying to raise the money but it was all worth it in the end.”

The idea behind the pop-up was to mix a childhood activity with adult drinks for a unique experience. “I talked to many of the attendees as they left the ball pit with a huge smile on their faces. I overheard people saying things like, ‘my inner child is so happy right now.’ People loved the idea [and] wanted to know if there will be more.”

For San Francisco residents, there will indeed be more. A second pop-up event is scheduled for April 28-29 at Monarch, and tickets are already on sale.

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