Insane Hanukkah Burger Smashes Beef and Matzo Balls Between Two Latkes

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Zombie Burger in Iowa has dreamt up a kosher, but crazy, burger for all their Jewish and latke-loving fans
Insane Hanukkah Burger Smashes Beef and Matzo Balls Between Two Latkes
Zombie Burger

Honestly, who thought of this schlock? But, we’ll take two to go, please.

Forget matzo ball soup and noodle kugel, and get ready for the wackiest Hanukkah food ever: the Hanukkah burger: a fried matzo ball, a chicken soup croquette, beef, pastrami, and apple butter mustard, all smashed between two fried latke buns. This monstrosity, invented by the folks at Zombie Burger, is on the menu starting this Thursday, December 18 for the Hanukkah season. All we have to say to that is “Oy Vey!”

The burger is officially called the Dybbuk, which according to the Des Moines Register, means “a malicious spirit that’s said to be the dislocated soul of a dead person.” Sounds tasty. Zombie Burger is known for wacky burger creations that take any form of meat between two buns (or latkes, in this case). Next up for the Christmas season is the Krampus (named after the Nordic holiday devil that terrorizes children on Christmas). This burger is topped with oat chorizo, pepper jack cheese, bacon, red chile sauce, fried onion strings, and chipotle mayo. 

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