This Surprise Pizza Party on the Subway Made Everyone’s Commute a Lot More Fun

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Improv Everywhere’s latest stunt was to deliver 20 pizzas to surprised commuters on the New York City subway
This Surprise Pizza Party on the Subway Made Everyone’s Commute a Lot More Fun
Improv Everywhere

Ain’t no party like a pizza subway party, ‘cause a pizza subway party distracts you from terrible MTA delays.

Improv Everywhere is at it again. The public improvisational troupe that brought you the famed black tie beach parties and no pants subway rides has come up with another way to make the subway a little more interesting (with pants this time): an impromptu pizza party!

The folks at Improv Everywhere delivered 20 pizzas to a lucky E train car in New York this week. The whole schtick started when two actors, posing as MTA officials, made an announcement that the car had been deemed the most courteous car in the entire subway system, and would be rewarded with a pizza party. The troupe then delivered pizzas (in warming bags) to a car full of surprised commuters.

They even brought along a pizza condiment tray and cleaned up afterward. In case you were wondering (of course you were), the pizza was provided by New York Pizza Suprema at 31st Street and 8th Avenue in Midtown, with special “pizza consulting” by Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours.

Now if only all subway cars came with pizza parties, delays wouldn’t seem so bad!

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