Jack in the Box

Wikimedia Commons / Billy Hathorn / CC BY 3.0

Man Denied Restroom Rams Car Into Jack in the Box Restaurant

Waiting in line for the bathroom can be frustrating, but this is a step too far

A Los Angeles man faces a charge for assault with a deadly weapon: His car.

The suspect, who has been arrested, rammed his car twice into a Jack in the Box restaurant in Los Angeles’ Koreatown on Sunday after unsuccessful attempts to get into a locked restroom inside.

Witnesses say the man was banging on the bathroom door and repeatedly calling a woman’s name. He then got into his car and drove it into the front door of the establishment, reports CBS Los Angeles. Customers report they were “shaken and rattled.”

The man got out of his car, went back into the restaurant, and began banging on the bathroom door and calling out the woman’s name once again. He then went back to his car and rammed into the restaurant once again. The restaurant had extensive damage after the incident, but no injuries were reported.

Police suspect that the 42-year-old man was under the influence of drugs. 

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