7-Eleven Introduces a Blue Slurpee Doughnut for Shark Week

Back at it again with the Slurpee-flavored doughnuts
Blue Raspberry Slurpee Doughnut


The doughnut features blue raspberry Slurpee-flavored icing and blue sugar crystals.

7-Eleven released a new Slurpee-flavored doughnut in Blue Raspberry in celebration of Shark Week. It is being offered at U.S. locations for 99 cents.

The Blue Raspberry Slurpee Doughnut is a Slurpee-flavored cake doughnut with blue raspberry Slurpee-flavored icing and is topped with blue sugar crystals “to give the donut an ice-like crunch,” quotes TIME.

The new item is part of a Shark Week promotion, which begins on June 26. Brand Eating notes that the chain is also offering shark cups and straws leading up to Shark Week.

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