Coffee Soda at Starbucks and More News

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Gordon Ramsay Talks Dirty: Another video supercut where Ramsay says the dirtiest things (although he does have a potty mouth to begin with). [Devour]

Gender Roles vs. Pizza Rolls: Totino's rips off a Cyanide and Happiness comic by tweeting something about getting rid of gender roles for pizza rolls. [Jezebel]

James Bond's Alcohol Habits: The super spy was definitely at risk for a number of alcohol-related diseases, British doctors conclude, as he had about 92 units of booze a week (more than four times the safe amount recommended by the government). [AP]

Coffee Shop Responds to Crime: After a string of robberies occured along a small street in Lexington, Ky., A Cup of Common Wealth decided to give a free cup of coffee to anyone who makes a purchase at the targeted stores. [HuffPo]

Starbucks' Coffee Soda: Another secret menu trick at the coffee giant; you can get most anything carbonated, thanks to the new "Fizzio" line, which uses a carbonation machine. Imagine the possibilities of carbonated cider. [Quartz]

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