New Way To Read The Sip

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New Way To Read The Sip

smart devicesOne of the best apps for reading all the content you care about just got better. Pulse, the free app that brings all your favorite news sites and streams onto one, easy-to-scroll screen, now features The Daily SipTM. When you log on and check out what's happening on the BBC, The New York Times and ESPN, you can also get your daily dose of wine knowledge.

Go to the iTunes store or Android Market to download Pulse for free, then simply tap the + sign at the bottom of the app when you launch it for the first time. The window that opens will offer a host of popular content streams--including The Daily Sip. Just tap on our logo, and The Daily Sip will be delivered to your device via Pulse every day.

Pulse is perhaps the most fun and engaging content app available. It's colorful, it's interactive, and it's easy to comment on and share your favorite news stories and videos with your friends through Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to learn more about Pulse, or go straight to the iTunes store or Android Market to download the app now. In mere seconds you'll be able to read The Daily Sip alongside other news sites in a single, intuitive, easy-on-the-eyes format--wherever you and your device go.

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