New Adam Richman Show Postponed After Instagram Tirade

Richman’s new show is pulled from the Travel Channel after Instagram tirade

Adam Richman
The former Man vs Food star received backlash for offensive language on social media.

The Travel Channel has decided to postpone Adam Richman’s new show after a recent tirade on Instagram. Man Finds Food was set to premiere July 2nd, but the network announced Tuesday that the show has now been shelved. There has been no new premiere date announced.

Adam Richman caused some controversy when he used offensive language with a woman on Instagram.

It started when he posted a photo of his weight loss progress and used the hashtag “thinspiration,” which is a controversial term because of its links to eating disorders. Some viewers took offense to his use of the hashtag and began to criticize him for it, and as more and more people began to weigh in, Richman fought back with offensive language. He even told one of the commenters to "grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you."

Richman eventually apologized for his behavior on Twitter, but those tweets have since been deleted. The Man Finds Food team seems hopeful for a new premiere date soon, writing on Facebook "Still waiting for a airing date for the show." The Travel Channel has not confirmed whether the postponement was due to Richman’s social media rant, but it’s hard to imagine that there’s no connection.

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It seems that Adam said that he was sorry. I hope that nothing negative has been caused or will be caused because of this rant. I had also read that he had lost weight and saw one or more pictures. While it is true that healthy weight loss may lead a person to get a certain appearance. It really seems that advantages may go beyond. I have read that losing weight may be beneficial for conditions like diabetes, painful knees, blood pressure and of course obesity. I share more about this subject on the page:

There you may also find a link to a video that introduced me to a reason why weight loss may be different for males and females. It was a phenomenon, I was not aware of.

With that being said, I don't believe that a diet should lead you to feel depressed because you should never eat delicious and lawful food again. Is there any benefit in a diet that may be impossible to follow long term?

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