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  1. Mug Cakes for Every Emotion

    Black Forest Mug Cake . Rich and sweet, this mug cake is the opposite of the significant other you just broke up with. Tara Fisher Guinness Mug Cake...
  2. 10 Reasons to Entertain at Home

    10 Reasons to Entertain at Home

    Congratulations! You just survived another manic holiday season. The decorations are packed away nice and tight and that New Year's resolution to...
  3. 10 Best Post-Sex Foods

    We all know what you’re not supposed to eat before sex: the three B's — beans, burritos, and bath salts. They all spell one word: disaster.
  4. On London’s Hot List: Bunnychow

    One would think that one of the world’s most diverse cities would have plenty options for South African dining, though the reality’s been a bit bleak...