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10 Things You Should Know About Instant Ramen

Instant ramen is a bit of a punchline in the food world. A staple for college kids everywhere, it’s a food we don’t give much thought to...

by Dan Myers
Editor, September 01, 2014


21 Places to Wine and Dine with Unbeatable City Views

Cities all around the world are blessed with beautiful skylines that make travelers feel like the world is theirs to hold. When we look at a...

by Alexandra E. Petri
Editor, September 01, 2014


Top Pros And Cons Of The Changing Seasons

Labor Day comes at an interesting time of year.  Caught between two seasons, we’re left picking sides: do we try to Hold On To Summer or...

by CBS Miami
, September 01, 2014


Top Labor Day Facts To Impress Your Friends

Labor Day Facts to Make You the Resident Smarty Pants at Your Weekend BBQ By Maude Standish Just because Labor Day is known unofficially by vast...

by CBS Miami
, September 01, 2014


LA’s Priceless Things To Do This Week: September 1st-7th

This week’s Priceless Things To Do will have you walking with dinosaurs, taking in some contemporary art and crashing at the Verizon Wireless...

by CBS Los Angeles
, September 01, 2014


Best Of LA: Week Of September 1

(credit: Bruce Bisenz) You know it is going to be an awesome week when you start with a national holiday! From Labor Day fun and games to a variety...

by CBS Los Angeles
, September 01, 2014


2014 South Florida Fall Theater Preview

If South Florida theater lovers only catch five shows this season, these are the performances to see. Miami and Fort Lauderdale will proudly feature...

by CBS Miami
, September 01, 2014


2014 San Francisco Fall Theater Preview

The cast of ‘Motown The Musical’ (credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images) It’s curtains up, San Francisco, on a brilliant bunch of...

by CBS San Francisco
, September 01, 2014


2014 Pittsburgh Fall Theater Preview

Theater has always been celebrated in Pittsburgh and has taken an emerging force in the last 20 years to bring spectacular shows. This fall theater...

by CBS Pittsburgh
, September 01, 2014


2014 Sacramento Fall Theater Preview

Sacramento has a rich and thriving arts community, and lucky locals can enjoy classic plays, rollicking comedies and musicals, intense dramas and...

by CBS Sacramento
, September 01, 2014


2014 Atlanta Fall Theater Preview

Theater is a great addition to movies, sports and dining out in Atlanta. It can even be fun for those who don’t usually consider themselves...

by CBS Atlanta
, September 01, 2014


2014 Baltimore Fall Theater Preview

The fall season presents opportunities for theater goers to get out and experience something new. In the Baltimore area, there exists a variety of...

by CBS Baltimore
, September 01, 2014


2014 Minnesota Fall Theater Preview

Live theater is larger than life, bursting with emotion and sprinkled with humor. Five great theater shows that will touch your heart are set to...

by CBS Minnesota
, September 01, 2014


2014 Las Vegas Fall Theater Preview

Whether going to the the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, downtown in the arts district or on campus at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas,...

by CBS Las Vegas
, September 01, 2014


2014 Los Angeles Fall Theater Preview

(credit: Christian Dionne/Wikipedia) Autumn is that time of year when the leaves of summer concerts in the park give way to colorful splashes of...

by CBS Los Angeles
, September 01, 2014


2014 Houston Fall Theater Preview

Houston is a hotbed for the arts. The city’s famed Theater District in downtown is one of the best in the nation and includes permanent...

by CBS Houston
, September 01, 2014


2014 Tampa Fall Theater Preview

Heartfelt music, dazzling costumes, bright lights, romance and adventure — it’s no wonder why it’s so easy to fall in love with...

by CBS Tampa
, September 01, 2014


2014 Connecticut Fall Theater Preview

Connecticut has no shortage of first-rate venues that host live theater. The upcoming fall season looks especially promising, with a diverse mix of ...

by CBS Connecticut
, September 01, 2014


2014 DFW Fall Theater Preview

(Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images) The DFW theatre scene heats up with new musicals and theatrical performances that make you laugh, cry, sing...

by CBS Dallas Ft. Worth
, September 01, 2014


2014 Detroit Fall Theater Preview

Detroit has more than a few crown jewel theaters in its city and surrounding areas, and many of these are putting on productions this fall. Check...

by CBS Detroit
, September 01, 2014


2014 Seattle Fall Theater Preview

As the leaves begin to fall, outdoor theatre productions close up shop. It is time to refocus on the start of the 2014-2015 season. There are so many...

by CBS Seattle
, September 01, 2014


2014 Chicago Fall Theater Preview

With summer in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start thinking of how you want to spend those chilly Chicago fall days. Should you watch the Sox and...

by CBS Chicago
, September 01, 2014


2014 Charlotte Fall Theater Preview

Fall brings a new crop of plays to Charlotte stages, with lots of productions to choose from. Mark your calendars for these classics and new plays....

by CBS Charlotte
, September 01, 2014


Top Fall 2014 Rock Performances

Summer concert season may be ending, but have no fear: the fall concert line-up is jam-packed with many popular artists and genres coming to...

by CBS Philadelphia
, September 01, 2014


2014 Cleveland Fall Theater Preview

The city of Cleveland has an amazing theater district, and this fall there will be several shows that you won’t want to miss. If you don’...

by CBS Cleveland
, September 01, 2014