Meadow Lake Wind Farm

Row 1

White County (along Interstate 65)
, IN
Farm, Field
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • Drive through at night to see the lights blink in unision.
  • We can't stop now, this is bat country!
  • If you get bored, try to math out the ROI in your head.
  • a little creepy
  • This is really cool! Windmills on both sides of the interstate!!
  • Its like being in a land of giants
  • Don't feel bad for the one turbine that isn't moving, it's been naughty.
  • One of the largest wind farms in the world
  • Creepy at night
  • The future.
  • They are actually wind turbines. Some people get really mad if you call them windmills
  • They are cool.. but creepy. It's like I'm in some weird scifi land.
  • Watch the road, not the hypnotic spinning of the windmills.
  • Don't stare directly at the blinking red lights...they will suck you in!
  • Looks like and alien invasion at night
  • Windmills drowning in mist and fog ..
  • Don Quixote by day, eerie blinking alien lights at night.
  • It feels like we are being invaded by aliens.
  • As of 8/2011 there are 655 wind turbines.Namplate capacity of 600MW
  • climb windmill