McDonald’s Recognizes Ramadan

The fast-food giant has special offers and combos for the holiday

Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, began last Monday, July 8. Recognizing this period, some international McDonald's outlets are offering menu specials.

The global fast-food behemoth advertised the combos on the McDonald’s Malaysia and McDonald’s Egypt sites. The McDonald’s Arabia site opens with a special greeting, wishing their patrons a “hearty Iftar and a wonderful Ramadan.”

The Malaysia branch has “buaka puasa” meals, which means “to open the fast,” and includes Samurai, beef, and chicken combos. Each one comes with at least two burgers, with the largest combo including four different sandwich options, or forty pieces of chicken McNuggets.

In Egypt, the Ramadan special includes deals on burgers, French fries, and desserts such as vanilla soft-serve sundaes.

Ramadan is characterized by a thirty day fast in order to improve spirituality and increase devotion to the teachings of Islam. Following the example of the Prophet, Muhammad, the fast begins at dawn and ends at sunset. Food, drink, smoking, and sex are all prohibited during that period, and culminate in large feasts, called Iftar, almost every night when the day’s fasting has finished.  

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