Lunch Sandwiches for $4.50 or Less

Make your lunch on a budget

We often make sandwiches on the weekends and, sometimes, for my husband to take to work. Sandwiches are easy to carry and are quick to make. We also find they are a great way to keep our weekly grocery budget in check. There are a lot of sandwiches that can be made inexpensively. A loaf of bread stretches for nearly a week, and you can even make your own if you want. We also will sometimes make a large chicken salad or egg salad that we can use for a few days. When you do the math, this makes $10 worth of ingredients last for nearly a week. Here are a few of our favorite sandwiches you can make for less than the cost of a Subway foot-long!

— thenaptimechef, Babble

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

What's better than Buffalo wings? Buffalo chicken on a sandwich! This spicy sandwich is surprisingly easy to make and budget-friendly.

Breast of chicken = $0.67 ($2.69 per pound)
Hot sauce = $0.70 ($2.69)
A hoagie roll = $0.70 ($4.19/6 pack)
Cheddar cheese = $0.50 ($2.79)
Blue cheese dressing = $0.25 ($2.49)
Total = $2.82

Make Buffalo chicken sandwiches.


BBQ Vegan Cranberry Chickpea Wraps

This protein-packed sandwich costs less than a dollar to make and will satisfy like no other at lunch time.

Whole-wheat wrap = $0.50 ($2.39/5 pack)
Chickpeas = $0.60 ($1.19/can)
BBQ sauce = $0.70 ($2.09)
Sweet onion = $0.20 ($2.99/3-pound bag)
Tomato = $0.40 ($1.99 per pound)
Mayo = $0.26 ($3.99/30-ounce jar)
Cranberry sauce = $0.25 ($1.89/can)
Total = $2.91

Make BBQ vegan cranberry chickpea wraps.


Chicken Caesar Wraps

A classic chicken Caesar wrap is simple to make and makes for a satisfying lunch. Make the inexpensive dressing at home and use it for dinner salads, too!

Breast of chicken = $0.67 ($2.69 per pound)
Anchovy paste = $0.25 ($1.99)
Lemon = $0.69 ($.69 each)
Worcestershire sauce = $0.10 ($3.75)
Mayo = $0.26 ($5.99/30-ounce jar)
Olive oil = $0.60 ($7.99/25-ounce bottle)
Garlic clove = $0.15 ($3.69 per pound)
Romaine lettuce = $0.35 ($1.99 per head)
Tomato = $0.40 ($1.99 per pound)
Italian blend cheese = $0.50 ($3.29)
Whole-wheat wrap = $0.50 ($2.39/5 pack)
Total = $4.47

Make chicken caeser wraps.


Chipotle Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken salad is inexpensive to make in large batches and can be drawn on for a whole week's worth of wonderful sandwich lunches.

Breast of chicken = $0.69 ($2.69 per pound)
Chipotle hummus = $0.35 ($3.69)
Celery = $0.30 ($2.99 per bunch)
Lime juice = $0.10 ($1.99)
Cilantro = $0.25 ($1.99)
Fresh roll = $0.80 ($4.99/6 pack)
Total = $2.47

Make chipotle chicken salad sandwiches.


Cobb Salad Sandwich

Inexpensive vegetables take on a whole new life in this awesome, healthy sandwich.

Ciabatta bread = $0.70 ($4.19/6 pack)
Blue cheese dressing = $0.25 ($2.49)
Lettuce = $0.20 ($1.99 per head)
Egg = $0.20 ($2.49 per dozen)
Avocado = $0.30 ($1.50 each)
Tomato = $0.40 ($1.99 per pound)
Deli turkey = $0.75 ($6.99 per pound)
Turkey bacon = $0.40 (3.49/12-ounce pack)
Total = $3.20

Make cobb salad sandwiches.


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