Kim McCosker on 'Baby Bowl'

The author shares her tips for cooking for babies
Kim McCosker on Baby Bowl

The author shares her tips for cooking for babies

For new mothers and fathers, the idea of cooking for their baby is often thrown out the window along with sleep-filled nights, brushed hair, and a social life. But Kim McCosker has a new book, Baby Bowl, to try and change the notion that cooking for a baby is time-consuming and difficult. She says she came up with the concept after having her own children and realizing that there wasn’t a book that she felt gave practical advice. "When I had my first child Morgan I was just so scared especially in the transition phase from milk to solids."

The book is full of recipes and tips, but the main takeaway for McCosker is to have a weekly plan that reduces the stress around freshly cooked meals for babies: "If you put a plan together then you can batch cook — and you must batch cook because then you can freeze!"

For more of McCosker’s tips you can watch the video above or purchase Baby Bowl!

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